ALBUM ART reimagined

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Fan art gets a bad rap and vice versa.  Here’s a few samples I am guilty of having donated to the cause in between gigs.

Set lose your expectations.

Before I ever got paid to make cursed images in Photoshop I was just a jit with a dream of organizing his iTunes library. I, like every forum and blog site comment section coach believed I could do a better job of making cover art for their favourite albums of the moment.

We were wrong.

The majority of those entries, most of which were made some decade ago, were hot garbage capable of melting monitors. I stand by none of it and I will never answer for those crimes.

These, these you can see. I have plans to make a few more, some will become prints and end up in the shop.

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Deep Throat

Touch Of Evil

Boyz n the Hood

Pulp Fiction

Being John Malkovich